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wtf she wasn’t mocking her

Um, did we watch the same show??

She would never mock her. I know there was a gif that made it look like she was but if you watch the show, she started to cry and the MC asked her why and she said, “I didn’t know a member was having such thoughts.” How was she mocking her? She was genuinely crying and she said Taeyeon doesn’t talk much at home and she wants Taeyeon to spend time with with her and the other members because she believes Taeyeon will be happier and open up. When Taeyeon said she doesn’t talk unless someone talks to her, Hyoyeon told the girls to ask Taeyeon a lot of questions, so Taeyeon won’t keep her feelings bottled up inside. She loves and cares for her. She would never mock her feelings. I am beyond furious that you would even think this. Go back and watch the show.

what happened with hyoyeon?

So basically some guy reported being poked in the eye hyoyeon. He went to the police and said that they were joking. But things are being blown out of proportion. Some are speculating that hyoyeon was suicidal bc she was being bullied by her members. They say she tried jumping off from a second story window. She was joking around though and he thought she was srs. He tried helping her but gets hit in the eye. He then reported it to the popo. But some say it’s a cover up for another member…

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That bitch taenypush keeps talking shit about Hyoyeon #unfollowfakesone

hey #thatsnotnice

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No it's not. News agencies in Korea are reporting on it. Even oniontaker thinks it's real.

it’s an april fools joke.